The trail system is laid out in the form of "nested" loops. This configuration has the advantage of optimizing the use of the available terrain while maximizing the total trail distance. The system was designed primarily with the recreational skier in mind while, at the same time, being sufficiently demanding to satisfy the serious or competitive skier. The emphasis, however, has been on aesthetics and safety. The designers of the system, both professional ecologists, have attempted to weave the trails into the landscape rather that to impose them on the landscape. All trails are relatively narrow and long, straight sections of trail have been minimized. With few exceptions the downhill run-outs are straight for the sake of safety.
The "Classic Five", a 5 km trail, may be regarded as the heart of the system with other trails either cutting across it or connecting with it. The system offers a whole range of options with trail lengths of: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 5, 7.5, and 10 km. Kurt's Trail (1.8 km) is mostly flat and popular with beginners and families with young children. The "Flat Five" is a five kilometre trail that has been laid out in such a way as to by-pass steep hills. This trail is suited to those wishing to avoid the most challenging hills and to times when icy conditions make the hills hazardous.

Each junction is marked by a grey post that is designed to aid in navigating the trail system and carries information in the case of injury. Each post has an unique emergency locator number that should be used if you call 911. A map of the trail system also bears the location of the junction with a "You are here" symbol. In addition, all trails are signed by colour according to distance, degree of difficulty, and direction of travel.

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A five kilometre trail, on the north side of the Moonlight Beach Rd, is dedicated solely to snowshoeing with cut-offs for those who prefer a shorter distance. The trail may be accessed either from the ski cottage or from the Moonlight Beach Road. The two highest points on the trail afford scenic views; one to the north over Lake Ramsey and the other (known by snowshoers as "Mount Ramsey") overlooks the entire area.

You may rent snowshoes at weekends from our limited inventory at a daily cost of 5$/pair. Call our Cottage volunteers between 10am - 4pm to check availability.

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Rainbow Routes
Rainbow ROUTES Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to sustainable mobility through the development and promotion of active transportation routes, including the Trans Canada Trail, in Greater Sudbury.

Laurentian Nordic
Laurentian Nordic Ski Club (LNSC) is a volunteer-run, community-based incorporated club offering fully groomed classic and freestyle cross-country ski trails.